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Should I buy a breadboard? Answered

Half the stuff i make fails so should I buy one? And want are the benefits?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Yes. They are the quickest easiest way of prototyping, and you can quickly move wires and components about. Most of them are modular, and can be added onto one another, I've put 6 together before. And with the occasional exception of stray capacitance with high frequency work, your circuit will behave normally.

Personally I loathe breadboards. You can never be sure if the circuit isn't working because you did something wrong, or because there is a dodgy contact somewhere. I'll try and put up an instructable of what I do, handed down by my Dad ! All our prototype are built by soldering. We tape busbars for power across a thick card, and we can build the circuit diagram between the bars. ICs are handled by cutting holes through the card, and putting IC sockets in. Steve

That sounds really interesting. I'm very curious to see an Instructable about that.

That's interesting, I tried something similar with wood, but I think I was looking at a bad diagram... L

Of course if your going to be doing anything in electronics you should be using a breadboard. Wire wrapping is the only alternative I know of for using a breadboard or of course soldering to one of those protoboards. Go here if you want breadboards www.nordevx.com or try the wire wrapping.

That really depends on why your projects are failing, if its something like bad connections then no, but if it is actually a problem with designing and building the circuit, then yes.

I have a breadboard and it has helped me a lot, just keep in mind the price goes up very fast as the boards bet bigger.