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Should I buy a refurbished laptop off the net or buy one off my dad or one off my uncle ? Answered


My question is , should I buy a refurbished laptop off the net ( like on ebay or something ) , or should i buy a Joybook r55v off my dad ( there is a problem with it,  the backlight wont turn on so you cant see a thing { the screen just shows black} or should i buy a laptop off my uncle ( nothings wrong with it , he just bought a better , newer one

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Wherever you buy it, get it from somewhere that (a) you know its history and (b) you know they'll make good if there's something wrong with it.

I'd skip your father's machine unless you get it REALLY cheap and/or are CERTAIN you can fix it. How much money can you afford to lose?

I'd skip any but the highest-rated eBay sellers for the same reason. Unfortunately the high-rated sellers aren't the ones who will give you particularly attractive prices... but there's a reason the others can't get higher prices; they're a gamble. How much money can you afford to lose?

Your best bet of these three choices is _probably_ to go for for your uncle's working machine. But that depends on what it is and how much he wants for it, and how well it meets your needs. Don't forget the question of what condition the battery is in, if that matters to you; laptop batteries are not cheap to replace.

Another possibility would be to look for a factory outlet selling refurbished machines -- ideally, machines returned from corporate rental. Those tend to be a year or two old, so they aren't the fanciest or flashiest -- but they may be very attractively priced for what they are.

Your uncle should give you his just cause he loves you, and you should offer to mow his yard all summer in return cause you love him.

LOL He already offered it to me 4 free :) but... My parents and I said ( well they did ) that I have to buy it off him to teach me that you shouldnt just get given things you have to earn them :(

But i did win a pair of shoes from the Nutrigrain Ironman Code thingy

Sounds to me like your dad really wants you to take his laptop off his hands.

Mowing his yard a few times would be earning it.  You could come mow my yard a few times for it.  My yard is only 4 acres.

LOL Thats funny.

yeah the only problem is ummm I live on a boat and at the moment im in townsville but the catch is he's in Sydney lol so that doesnt work.

Thanks 4 your help


Try to save a while and buy a brand new laptop?
Ur next best be would be to ask in your nearest computer store if they have any returned laptops, They are as good as new (Otherwise your store wouldn't have taken em back) And you'll get GOOD prices. i bought a new acer aspire for 220 bucks. It costed 600 when it was new.

(I'll give a laptop to you if you mow my lawn once. It's two square kilometres, on the other side of earth)

Hi and thanks

I know that i can fix my dads machine but the problem is buying it off him... i dont have very much so i dunno if he'll let me buy it. Yeah i spose my uncles laptop would be the best cauz it works properly and i know if anything go's wrong he'll give me the money back and probly let me keep the laptop ( with the money to either buy another one or to fix it ).  Can you list any factory outlet that are selling refurbished machines. If it helps im in Australia QLD Townsville