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Should I buy the nintendo dsi xl? Answered

I have a Nintendo DS lite and play with it alot. But the Nintendo DSi has DSiware allowing players to puchase games over wi-fi connection. My question is to buy a DSi xl or wait for the Nintendo 3DS. 



3DS's Will BE around 230 $ And sold before April 2011. But It will have alot of new features. Link to features:http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/997614-3ds/55218727.
i Have a Ds lite and ALmost bought DSi But im deciding to wait for 3DS.

Wait for the 3ds. They say that once you've played on it, it is incredibly hard to go back to 2d gaming.


8 years ago

Well, if this gorilla likes it then I think everyone should!

I'd recommend waiting for the 3ds, even if you then decide not to buy it, the Dsi will be cheaper. Plus, the thought of a 3d handheld just sounds 'fn awesome.