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Should I make a Bioshock Big Daddy Costume? Answered

I have been thinking of making a Bioshock Big Daddy costume, but am not sure if I should go for it. I have made plans and have time to prepare but should I? ( I will make a Instructable as well.) Any advise is greatly appreciated.



7 years ago

The question is not "should you", the question is "why not"?

Well, some already made a big daddy costume instructable, props to that person, plus my mind was switched to something else, but i offer help to who ever needs it.

I've seen it. Ha, well I had to comment since I just got and beat Bioshock 2 today. Now I'm working on trophies! Ahaha! Anyway keep working on your stuff, can't wait to see it.

A Subject Delta suit would be the easiest. I was thinking of making an outfit, but I have very limited resources and little time.

I got a link to the subject delta helmet pep file if you want it. You know what pepakura is?

I don't know what Pepkura is. I was thinking of using some wire and cardboard for my helmet then cover it in paper mache. Any better ideas?

As far as simple and normal difficulty goes pepakura is a good choice. It is a program that allows you generate paper models, the process of making a pep file is long and hard, but people make files that you can print out. I'm a forum member at the 405th and we do alot of peping. As far as construction just print on cardstock and put together. some files have numbers to tell you where things go but you can look on the file to see where things goe. it is a 3D model that can be turned around and viewed by almost any part, the down side, you can't zoom. If your interested go to http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/ and go to download and get the free pepakura viewer, now the designer allow you to scale and do unfolds, but you got to pay like 40 dollars to register in order to save. I downloaded the designer just for scaling, i haven't registered cause i got no money. The 405th has some Delta files, if you become intrested let me know and i'll look for others. I can also give you the link to the helmet and drill bit but thats all i got for now. I'm usong pepakura for my Jorge-052 armor and as far as reinforcing goes, i'm use paper mache. If you can't get card stock there is a good substitut but its abit thicker and more tricky, but it gets the job done. Is there a Sam's Club where you live?

No. I live up in B.C, around the Vancouver area. I might get Pepakura if i get a better computer and some money. Thanks for the help.

Sorry for not posting earlier, haven't been on for a while. Just use card board. if need some go ask at stores like walmart or sam's club. As far as the actual suit i think the most time consuming is the main body. i planed to make a skeleton then cover it with paper mache. Tried making the skeleton but didn't work out for me. but you can try that.

i have decided on making something else but still equaly impresive. the big daddy is going to be put aside for a while. what i decides to do was to make the suit of Spartan-052 or Jorge, which cool enough is my name. the reason why i switched was because it looks more challenging and funner to make. plus, i like Halo better then Bioshock, but i'm not saying it sucks, and Reach is coming out 9/14 and it is possibly the last game, i decided to dress up like a Spartan which is something that i have never done, which is odd since its my favorite game series. I apologize to all those how were antisipating this project. the guy from volpinprops has the basics laided down. just change it up abit. though i didn't make it, i can give advise from my plans to who ever needs it.

Well, uh, yeah.  And hopefully some of Michel's advice will be useful.

Pictures!  Pictures!  Pictures!

Good luck.