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Should I make a knex LR - 300? Answered

The title explains it all...



5 years ago


Yes, it looks like it is an pretty cool gun

Argh, with an bottle of rum. (btw,you the 666th comment on me mr. Devil)

no, :( I only have an spring mp40, spring m14 (with detachable rail, with scope and self made silencer) and with christmas i get an 90two beretta spring pistol.

MP40's are great! I used to have one but I sold it. Yeah gas guns are a little overpriced but spring aren't to bad.

Topics like this are pointless. If you get the idea to make whatever replica you want, go for it. No need to post a stupid topic to ask us.

There's something called a delete button. I was going to delete it afterwards.

Yes, you should build it.

I dunno, i'm drooling over what it would look like in lego.