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Should I post? Answered

Should I post this new design? it has a true trigger and no frame. cool handle, too you might be able to make it from the pictures. P.S. I just got micro knex! yay micro knex guns! Imagine having a micro shifle! that would be sick!



1. Breaks the "Be Nice" site policy.

2. Breaks the site policy stated in the post to which you are responding.

3. You're replying to a post that is over three years old.

4. No.

if i was still into knex i would build this again, it was a pretty good gun when i build it like 3 yrs ago.. but now im into real guns, they hurt more then a knex gun, lol

If you have to ask permission to post, its definately not worth posting.


10 years ago

Instructables has a "Be Nice" policy - the least you could do is thank Kiteman for taking the time to care enough to let you know that not everyone is as "1337" as you think you are.

1337? um okay dude. OOPS i mean sir.

Seriously, relax. We would like to accept you into the community, but continued sarcasm really kind of turns us (me) away. How old are you?

okay, but im not allowed to tell how old i am. what does 1337 mean?

Ok, just making sure you were under 13. Technically, you are not allowed to be a member of this site until you are 13, but I won't tell, ok? 1337 stands for "leet", which stands for "elite", as many ï s" think they are "1337" and can talk with acronyms and stuff to confuse others, blah, blah, blah, etc., etc. Pretty much like Text-Speak, like most kids talk. You know, like you. Instructables greatly appreciates correct spelling and grammar, as it makes it so much easier to read, will make your Instructables look better and receive more hits, and it helps visitors with different dialects (languages) be able to successfully use language translators. Translators cannot translate things like "cya", "cuz", and other assorted "shorthands". Thanks you.

npo the reason i cant tell is because my mom will get mad if i tell any personal information. the only "shorthands" i use are u, ur, and cuz.

by the way, in my newest instructable(click on my name) i took the effort to use perfect spelling and no stuff like lol and omg and that kind IM talk.

with all due respect I hate knex stuff. Why doesn't anyone post on how to make stuff like airsoft guns from scratch?

I would post on how to replace gearboxes (For Airsoft) and stuff, but I'm just too darn lazy.

That didn't block this post, or some other k'nex ones, either. At least add (k'nex) in the title.

ya now what i say to that? i say NEW INSTRUCTABLE COMING SOON!

Please make sure the spelling and grammar in your Instructable are better than in that post!

ya, a simple one too, not like that guy that built one from all these convenient parts, i built one that could give welts from 40 feet, but you hd to pump up to 150psi for each shot, unless i used my compressor, i wanna see a good spring bb gun, that you could make out of readily available stuff, like pipes and tubes and stuff you find in hardware stores.

i actually have made a home made airsoft gun but it kinda sucked

From the site's creator:

"Your Instructable will be seen by a great many people. Its clarity and professionalism are a direct reflection on you as the author. Please use proper language when writing an Instructable; capitalize when necessary, use a spell checker such as the one available in Firefox 2.0, and be grammatically accurate. There is no rush to write an Instructable, so shortened forms of words, u and œur for example, are not acceptable."

(It's in Step 2)

Uhhhhh who cares as long as its understandable. Jeeze. OH CRAP! i just remembered i have to do a reading assignment for engrish class by monday.... Meh ill do it tomorrow. :D

wat iz de rintnig asingmint zupsed to be tapiked on. i cud hepl. teh easayz that i hav to du in skol arnt taht hrd. r u n midl skool?

If you spend time on this, it is technically understandable, too.
If you can't spend the time to check your spelling and grammar, then we shouldn't spend the time reading your posts.

(note that this isn't directed at anyone in particular)

what is the writing assingment supposed to be topiced on? I could help. The essays that I have to do in school arent that hard. Are you in middle school?

Nah thanks. It's pretty simple, just time consuming. Our teacher had us read a book and pick 100 words we didnt know. Then we had to make flash cards for them with the def and pronunciation. I picked words i already knew. Heh. :P Thanks for the offer though. btw im in high school. Sophomore. you?

8th, but I'm ahead of most everyone else. Or I could be, if I wanted the extra work.

Don't forget that that comment was not really directed at you, you aren't NEAR as bad as mostsome people on here.

I used to type pretty bad, a "key pecker", but I typed more and more, and I would bet that I can type faster correctly, than most people (in my grade) could using u, ur, and all of those shortcuts.

sniper, its not much of an unce, as it it is more of an ince.

yes post it.

okay bu it may take a while hopefully its worth that wate

just cuz im not realy all that into knex any more.........nerf all the way;modified that is

just to clarify; iam not I reapeat i am not a new knex hater

not coming, because mykailo told me not to, and i dont want to piss him off

mykailo told me it wasnt nessesary because its a killerk copy, and HEY WAIT! cant you biuld it from the pics?

So you're saying you can't build that from the pictures?


10 years ago

Whats so hard to understand about what I just said? Are you like 5 years old or something?


10 years ago

Then why did you ask him to make an instructable? ;)

Ok. You do that, I guess, eh?

yeh he does do that hes my freind from school, and i got him into instructables and nerf modding but yeah me and him do the unce thing all the time(comes from family guy) and everbody hates it but also be on the lookout for him saying stuff like woot and facecrack(means butt face...geit it?)

Cool. A KILLERK copy, but not in a bad way because it has a true trigger.