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Should I put sound deadening/dampening material in my car? Answered

I've just spend a little over a grand and blown the majority of my budget on new speakers amp wiring and a headunit for my car. I haven't bought any subwoofers. I'm happy to go over this budget if sound deadening will make a large difference.
Anyway, I was just wondering- road noise and all of that aside, will sound deadening make my stereo sound noticeably better?
As in, sound quality alone
Should point out that the speakers are 300 watts rms all up. 6.5" "woofer" 4" midrange and a tweeter that's under an inch each side.
Thanks heaps!


how long do you plan on keeping the car?
If you are only going to drive it for a couple years then adding a bunch of money to improve the sound quality is foolish. unless of course you are using your car as a recording studio and need it sound proof.

Personally I would have spent the money on a better car!

Most performance cars provide their own sound track!

If you can eliminate road noise then your stereo will sound better.  So in that respect it would be better.

Being louder doesn't make it sound better though.  It only makes the distortion worse.

And louder destroys your hearing.  As one who has lost a lot of my range of hearing from shooting and loud machines before hearing protection got popular, I can't hear music and enjoy it as much as I used to.  NO stereo can make me hear all the range that I used to.  Wish I'd used hearing guards long ago.

I figured the insulation was to protect other road users.....

I wouldn't be as worried about the quality of the sound as much as the safety. If you put sound deadening material in the car, can you hear a horn if someone is trying to warn you about something? How about an emergency vehicle trying to get past you? Or maybe a cop trying to pull you over. If you don't notice a cop trying to pull you over, you can get in major trouble under the pretense that you were avoiding arrest.