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Should I use the front or back brake for my bmx bike? Answered

I have a bike thats been laying in someone's backyard for a few years and I'm trying to refurbish it and make it nice with a new paint job and some new parts. I'm going to take one of the brakes out. Should it be the front or the back brake?

If I take out the back brake there will be a slight problem. You see something is wrong with it and the handle is stuck. I can't even squeeze the brake handle.

A little help please!!! 



Best Answer 7 years ago

okay there are probs with taking one or the other brakes out because if you take the back out the bike will flip and you will get hurt if you take the front out then you will do some skidding i suggest you leave both on and just redo the front tension i used to do BMX and leaving both brakes on has helped many times


6 years ago

Remove the front brake and use the front lever for the rear. Just remember to che k and maintenance the rear break often. I've rode like this for Years and you need to be aware that you may need to break like Fred Flintstone at any give time.

although this question has already been answered i am a pro at bikes,i have 3 bmxs i have a felt mystic with both brakes,a custom biult bike built by me with the back brake and another with the front brake,im working on a bike with no brakes atm,i prefer no brakes over any other type

How does a bike with no brakes work? I mean how the heck do you stop the thing?

foot on ground or just keep going. nearly 100% of pro riders have no brakes,bmx is all about simplicity

All right, thanks guys! I'll keep both brakes, I was just confused if I should take out any brakes because I see a lot of people with bmx bikes that have only one brake. As for the front brake, there was a bolt that was WAY too tight on it. They work fine now.

if you are going to use it for trail riding, definity take out the front. moving at high speeds, you will flip your bike if you stop with the front brake. hope that helps.

I'm going to use it for riding on the streets and at the skate park. Should I remove the back brake then?

if you use it at the skate park i would keep the back. i never use my front brakes. once again, you could and probably will flip with only the front.

No. Same reasons. If you ever brake suddenly, (a) you're going to go arse over teakettle as your bike turns into a catapult, and (b) you aren't going to be able to stop as quickly which means you won't be able to avoid accidents as well. Why do you _want_ to remove one of the brakes?

I would strongly recommend keeping both sets of brakes. There are two for Good Reasons, not least that sometimes one fails. Repair or replace the broken one. If you're going to bother fixing it up, safety equipment is the place to start.


(Plus, if you are planning on doing tricks, you *need* both brakes.)

Ideally you should keep both sets as orksecurity said. Most of your braking load is on the front brake, just like any type of vehicle.
If you must have only one brake, it should be the back as Schooniedude said. I have had many bikes through my life, a lot of them only had a back brake. Just adjust your riding style accordingly.
Stay safe.