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Should I use this stock? Answered

Should I use this stock? Its just one that I made and thought it looked pretty cool, it may have been done pretty similar before, but do you think its good, and should I use it on my up-coming sniper thing?


 That's not my gun in the picture by the way.

Looks like something DGM would have taken a picture of.

Whatever, Brad is DGM's evil alter-ego that's taken over lately.

 You really shouldn't talk about people if you don't know them well.

It's not OK for me to do it, but if the tables are turned its OK?  People do that to me all the time.

 Just because people do it to you, doesn't make it right for you to do it to others.

I'll stop when they stop.  That's my deal. 

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More like this http://i674.photobucket.com/albums/vv102/Darth_Gecko_Man/P1030892.jpg

Who's is that?

And what is it? It looks like a compactish single shot...

It's different and better than the one they are talking about.
Use it, but if the stock is this dense, you need to have a thick and heavy barrel.

you can use it but give the guy who did it before credit

ps idk who the guy is

Why should I give credit when I made this 100% myself?

cuz another guy made this exact same stock

It's not the exact same as the one in the first comment. I haven't seen this type of stock much, either.

yeah. Is the sniper going to use a ram or will it be a slingshot?

nice stock, use it!!

yes,but why not?



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8 years ago

Sure, why not?