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Should a barbecue burner be made out of copper pipe? Will it release toxic fumes when lit? Answered

I've replaced my bbq grill burners with some i made out of copper pipe.  Is it safe to use copper as burner material?


No problem with toxicity, may be a problem with melting point !

Copper wouldn't melt in a BBQ.  I think that Aluminium which has a lot lower melting point wouldn't even melt in a BBQ.  Just not hot enough...

I've melted Al on a barbeque. Copper oxidises like mad and falls apart, though it doesn't "melt"

I didn't think Aluminium would melt.  If you were ussing it for cooking I don't think it would.  What were you doing?  Trying to melt it, or accidentally did?  I think if you were trying to melt Al on a BBQ, and you cranked it up to full you could, but cooking temp. probably not.  As for Copper, I know that wouldn't melt, it would oxidize and fall apart as you said.  Although, I recall seeing a spray, it was a protective clear coat, you baked it onto whatever and it would keep it from oxiding.  That might work.

Copper will oxidize much quicker when heated to the temperatures sustained in a barbecue.  It won't be toxic, but it will go green like the Statue of Liberty and fall apart.  I'd stick with steel.

Yes. The toxic fumes come from burning grease / meat.