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Should all crossbows have handles? Answered

Should all crossbows have handles? DJRADIO NO VOTING =)


It dont matter. Some do, some dont, and I really dont care.

that is a foot brace that makes it easier to load, you put that "handle" on the ground, put your foot onto it like a pedal, pull the bow-string up to the trigger, then load, aim, and fire. my crossbow has a foot-brace.

That "bow" also has a trigger, making it a crossbow :P!

lol so true...and look up knex maga mini bow it rox yor sox

some do, there is a distinction between handle and no handle which lies in the trigger, if it has a compress-lock trigger (pushed down with thumb as in my crossbow) it should not have a handle. if it has a true (pulled backwards with finger) then it should, if it is a pistol crossbow, it should have a handle, most very old crossbows have compress-lock triggers so they do not have handles, but some do, it is very difficult to work a compress-lock trigger with a handle unless it is very small and close to the body which severely limits power, it is also very difficult to work a true trigger without a handle to brace your palm against. so, in my opinion which is also the opinion of a lot of other people, a crossbow should have a handle if it has a true trigger, a crossbow should not have a handle if it has a compress-lock trigger (also known as sear trigger.) so in answer to your actual question (should all crossbows have handles?) if they have true triggers yes, if they have compress-lock triggers no.

it doesnt mater a cross bow needs a good arm and stock because some stocks are stock handles so i guess it depends on you

Yep, they all should

(removed by author or geting shot by a crossbow)


9 years ago

A crossbow without a handle is effectively taking the 'cross' out of it, making it a normal bow? =d

wicky ur talkin about the body, not the handle lol

Yeah oops, figured that out later =x

well all crossbows have handles. a handle is just something to hold on to.
what you're thinking of is a pistol grip. i personally am unbiased on whether a crossbow should have apistol grip

Heck no. Do you mean a pistol grip, or a standard stock-integrated "handle"? I would say, no. No pistol grip.

stop trying to get him to change his answer!

Feb 22, 2009 .... and we went through this before =)

it depends on the type of crossbow you're making. if it's a large one that's not mounted on something, then yes. if it's smaller, it should still have one so that it is easier to aim. i made a small pistol thing, the only thing i've posted anything for, and i tried it without a handle and it really did not work for me. but, it's just a matter of opinion.

stop trying to get ppl to agree with you. Its cheating. You should let em say what they want.

? They should have some comfortable way of holding it to pull the trigger, like on this one. If you google crossbow on images, only one on the first page has no handle. So they should, but there are quite a few compromises.


Yes they should! =) so yes or no though? Should ALL of them have a pistol like grip.

look at the other reply, "No. As long as it is comfortable it is fine"

Most times, guns without handles are not comfy.

No. As long as it is comfortable it is fine.

If after 5 votes more people say no than yes dj radio will consider changing his rating of my crossbow.

I will change it if more ppl say yes than no. We have 2 yes, 2 no, and one that dont care.

idc means i dont care whether they do. so it means they are undecided.

Well since it's ALL crossbows and he said he doesn't care that means some can not have one thus answering no =).

It means they dont wanna answer yes or no. They dont care how this comes out.

>< ,"Should all crossbows have handles" ALL By saying Idc if they have handles or not that means they believe some can not have handles meaning they are saying no.... "Some do, some don't," some don't

hmm, true, but we already have ppl saying yes, all crossbows need handles.

say no than yes you mean.... no means it doesn't have to have a handle and I don't care means it can or it cannot (which is a no) =)

I don't think so, the guns vary from each other, some have handles some don't, big deal.