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Should half inch thick, high-strenth chip board stop a .177 calibre pellet? Answered

Should half inch thick high strenth chip board stop a .177 calibre pellet with a force of 8 ft pounds and travelling at 600ft a second? I have recently made a pellet trap it is a box with a high strenth chip board guard to stope stray pellets (as seen in the pic) the box is ok but i am worried about the guard. My air rifle is a BSA metour mk6?


There is some good discussion on the Internet about using the tacky goo used in roofing and sealing insulation ductwork as a backdrop for catching/trapping pellets. Search on 'silent trap pellet.'

The gooey stuff goes by many names. An old name for the stuff is Duxseal. Apparently an inch of it will easily trap a 1,000 fps pointed pellet shot from 3 inches away. People report shooting thousands of pellets into the stuff before having to clean out the pellets and reusing the goo.

line it with a thin sheet of metal/hardwood, to make sure it stops.

Put a thin sheet of metal - perhaps a tin can opened out behind the target at 45 degrees to direct the pellet down onto the floor. makes a nice noise as well.