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Should i buy the AT89c51? Answered

So i was thinking about buying a micro-controller for a while and i found this in the local shop http://www.atmel.com/images/doc0265.pdf.
It doesn't come with a development board and i have no idea how to program it. So can anyone help me get started and make a Dev board?

P.S Sorry if my English is bad. I am a Pakistani.


Like I said, the 89V51's a good part, or the Atmega 168, or 328. The 89V51 has its OWN bootloader, so all you need is a serial port and a cable.

The Atmel website has the program you need.
If you can get the NXP part, P89V51, then the program is on a site called "flashmagic"


No, this isn't an easy chip for a beginner to program. Atmel DO make some nice 8051 derivatives that ARE easy to program though.

See if you can find the 89V51 instead.