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Should i just use the audacity software to record as is or do i need preamps and other stuff? Answered

( I recently bought an iphono vinyl record player/turntable system which has a usb output for pc recording which is why I am asking this question)

Also, how do you separate it into music tracks?


Audacity will work fine with this turntable.  The USB turntable isa good no-fuss solution; while it will obviously not yield the sameresults as a more expensive professional rig, it will definitely be agood method for converting your vinyl to digital format.

You will first want to install the USB turntable to the computer asthe manufacturer's instructions indicate.  Once you are finished,start Audacity and select the USB turntable as the recordingdevice.  Ready your platter (be sure to clean the record the bestyou can), hit record, and start playing.  When finished with thefirst side, stop recording and flip the record (clean this side now),and record the second side.

Once you have finished recording, you will want to use Audacity tospecify the beginning and end of each song.  After setting thestart and end point, export the track as a 44.1 kHz, 16-bitstereo-interleaved .wav or .aif file (this is the format best suited forburning to CD).  Do this for each song, and then burn it to CD.

What comes out of the USB?
Because you'd need some clever tricks to make your computer think it'san audio signal.
If you were sending signal from the turntable through a normal 1/8"audio jack, it would probably need a small preamp, which your turntablelikely provides regardless. Turn it up to a reasonably loud volume (Iusually go two notches below maximum, to avoid clipping). Plug theoutputting 1/8" jack into your computer's microphone port andAudacity will be able to record till the cows come home.


8 years ago

I used a Technics turntable with RCA jacks to mini-plug  cable tocopy some of my vinyl using Audacity. First time without a pre-amp andthe record levels were low but audible. So I ran it through a pre-ampand got some good tracks that way.
I would suspect that your turntable may have a built in pre-amp, I'dgive a try first just to see. If that doesn't do it, then go the pre-amp route.

If it's USB,
doesn't it have software?
For each music track, you need to open a new file.