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Should i submit only instructions, that most of people can made? Answered

for example I've made a item, that most parts made by lathe (metal) and i think it's cool enough to submit. Is it good or is it bad, because it is too specialized and not everyone has access to a lathe or is owner of one (like me)?

On the other hand, i see many things submitted here are made by a 3D printer, that many people, like me too, not own.




Best Answer 4 years ago

What Steve said. There are lots of lathe projects! Even someone who doesn't own a lathe may have access to one, or wants to learn more about the technique, or just likes to read well-written, interesting projects.

Yes! Submit please!

Submit it; I don't have a lathe but I do turn things on a drill press to get the same results.

That sounds scary ;-> If you didn't already write one, you might consider doing an I'ble to show the fittings and jigs you use to do turning on a drill press safely. I'd be very interested, and I'm sure other people would be as well.

Its a neat way to turn small wooden bits. I've made pegs for toys that way

I once made a firing pin for my noble shotgun a lot of people don’t realize a lot of gun parts have a tolerance of ten one thousands of an inch.

It is easy I use a milling vice as the tool post so the drill press is a drill press, a milling machine, and a vertical lathe.

I explained some of it in my Instructable Making Big Game or Armor Piercing Ammunition.


And step 5 of my Hobby or Case Tumbler



Submit it. There are a lot of lathe turned projects on here.