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Should i worry about rust when storing pocket knives for 2 years? Answered

I have some pocket knives that I was going to store should I wrap them in an oil soaked cloth? or is there a better way.


Yup. Rust is a concern. 1. You could use silica gel packs to reduce moisture. The pros are that it's easy and less flamable. The cons are that they do not last forever, they absorb to their limit and that's it. You can re-condition the satchels though, some time in a warm oven drives the moisture back out. You can buy a container of the stuff sold as dri-ball at a sports store or as a tool to aid in the drying of flowers at a craft store. You can make your own satchels out of heavy paper or cotton cloth. Either way, I stress that this is a short-term solution. The length of that term will vary according to climate, but here in Canada I say it's typically about a year at BEST. 2. Oil is a great way to seal out moisture and it's time tested. If you're storing these knives long-term, an oil-soaked rag provides sort of an automatic oiling for them. Since they're pocket knives, I suggest giving them a thorogh cleaning+oiling and then wrapping them in the open position with your rags. However, the caution here is of course fire. Notify the owner of the storage area of what you intend to store. Ensure that there is a appropriate extinguisher in the area. Finally seal the items in a metal container and keep it seperately from all other containers.

Wipe the blades and steel parts with a fine coating of 'Vaseline' or petroleum jelly! Especially if yr knives are of high carbon steel. In fact anything steel (guns) thats got to be stored is best covered with it! It leaves no residue like some greases as they 'evaporate'. This doesn't 'evaporate'!

Try a thin coat of wax. that will last and wont have to worry about the oil messing with wood handles, it also will seal the handles.

Depends on the metal in the knife and the humidity of where you are storing them. A good, clean stainless knife isn't going to have a problem (even a no-so-clean one-I lost a stainless knife in the lawn for close to a year and no rust when it showed up again). If you are storing them in a desert with almost no humidity, no problem. If they are dirty, the dirt will hold moisture on the metal and start rusting. If you use some oil (a good idea, if just to keep the working parts working) then be sure to use a mineral oil not a vegetable or animal oil or you might have a layer of polymerized varnish on them (and in the joints) when you get back. WD40 is NOT a lubricant or an oil, it's a solvent that will evaporate. If the knives have wood or leather handles, they should be treated before storage so they don't dry out and shrink : )

. Personally, I'd forget desiccants (silica gel, &c) and give everything a thin coat of light oil. Place the oiled knives in plastic bags and place the bags in a weather-tight box. . Don't use oily rags - as GF points out, this is a fire hazard (spontaneous combustion).

Pocket knives are deffinitely a concern, silica gel is always good for me, but unless you check where you left it every 6 months at least and replace the silica. leaving wrapped in lots of cotton rags will last forever, but it's not very elegant.