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Should pizza be considered a vegetable? Answered

Congress says so, what do you think?



6 years ago

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Pizza is a triangle (of sorts) not a veggie :-)

To actually ANSWER the question, I don't think PIZZA should be considered a vegetable, but CONGRESS should be considered one...

LOL... excellent answer, Goodhart!!! ;-O)

I said something to that effect today.

If pro is the opposite of con, then is Congress the opposite of Progress?

yes and congress is = regress ;-)

If it does not come directly out of the ground it is not a vegetable. That being said early pizzas did not have cheese or meats on them. only spices/herbs such as basil or oregano and olive oil were used.

In south korea they put corn and potato on the pizza at pizza hut.

I don't know what to read from that, it's just some statistics. What's your point there?


Oh that the congress sound like they want to start their own religion, "a pizza in every retirement home ! " :-) Just me being a bit silly (but just a little bit ;-)

I've not been subjected to this pizza thing, but I did observe to myself (on an unrelated matter although I did eat pizza tonight) that a good politician knows how to evangelise; think about that.


Which, of course, adds strength to the "new religion" argument ;-) Although, now that I think about it, it isn't so new....for eons, political leaders (pharaohs, kinds) considered themselves GOD(s)

There you go; that's what thinking does for a person - we all know the truth if we look hard enough.


No. What are you talking about?


it's more like a serving of grains, and fruit with a serving of veg or meat depending on the toppings.

Tomatoes=tomato sauce.

wait.. that's a fruit.

Maybe, except meat lovers.