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Show Your Heart Valentine's Day Contest Winners Answered

Thanks to everyone who entered the Show Your Heart Valentine's Day Contest and congratulations to the winners!
The Greeting Card Association sent some guys over to break my kneecaps, but after a quick look at all the awesome Valentine's Day projects, they went scurrying home with arms-loads of materials to work on projects for next year.

We stayed home and made an elegant meal of Tuna Poke, painstakingly getting the emulsion of sesame oil, soy sauce, mustard, and ginger just right (Instructable forthcoming...).

Valentine's Day is a great excuse to go the extra mile and make something great for a loved one, but with all these wonderful projects to inspire you, you'll be looking for any excuse.

First Prize
These ten projects win a Leatherman Juice XE6 Pocket Knife with personalized laser-engraving. In random order:
Beating soapy love heart by fallscrape
Custom paint Your Old Snowboard!!! (for your Valentine perhaps) by jonnysoups
Be a Romantic Scientist: Distill your own perfume oil by Kiteman
Duct Tape Rose by Herrozerro
Pulsing Hubby Detector by daenris
Inflatable Love Seat by randofo
"Beating" LED Heart T-Shirt by T3h_Muffinator
Recycled Copper Butterfly for V-Day by Legionnary
Anatomy of a Chocolate Truffle by ian
Custom make; shaped, flavoured and colored chocolates by thydzik

Second Prize
These twenty projects win an Instructables T-shirt and patch. In random order:
Light Bulb Vase by sam
Etched Minty Valentines Candy Box by photozz
{Collegiate Meals} I Love You (Virus) Burgers by trebuchet03
Mint Chocolate Chip Valentine Card by outofthewoods
Solid Perfume by rapiertwit
Rose in a heart of ice by Dominique Unruh
Powhatan Dream Catchers by SugarTeen52
Southwestern Style Sterling Silver Necklace by edAg
Geeky Circuit Board Earrings by CameronSS
A power remote controlled RGB LED mood light by 5Volt
Web Controlled Valentine by gschoppe
St. Valentine's Day Proposal by Maddhatter3
"TouchTimer" EggLight (valentine's gift) by Proteus
Opposites Attract: A Magnetic LED Valentine Heart by technick29
Blue Heart by Zujus
Easy DIY Valentine Gum Dispenser by GregDDC
Paint Her Fire Extinguisher Pink! (or any other color) by gelstudios
In Love With Turquoise Necklace by annanomsa
Valentine Tiger: Show Some Love! by evy-wevy
Valentines gift with nifty LED effect by x29a

We asked some winners of previous contests to help us judge, and they did a fantastic job. They scrutinized each project, spent hours agonizing over their selections, and in some cases sent us complicated judging documents. This was especially impressive because we asked them to judge extra-fast so we could get the results out quickly! Thanks so much for your heroic efforts: neelandan, BobbyMike, Robyntheslug, LasVegas, ryzellon, randofo, noahw, kinawera, photozz, eleraama, Zujus, Tool Using Animal, T3h_Muffinator, lilo, mdhaworth, FrenchCrawler, trialex, tetranitrate, jamesh, ian, rbhays, outofthewoods, albetcha, sam, HeresyOfTruth, Zieak, mever, and nak. Judges weren't allowed to vote for their own projects.

If you won keep an eye on your inboxes; we'll contact you via personal message with instructions for claiming your prize.

Here are the original contest instructions.


what better way to say i love with a ferican rocket luncher

Hrm. something seems a little fishy with these results... i mean... i love chocolate truffles, but were they that much more creative than DIY salt water etching or magnetic LEDs...?