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Show your K'nex 'Armory' Answered

I know there are a few other topics around here in which people show their guns, but I didn't find an official topic for it ( At least not on the KNEX GUNNERS forum ). So I made one! To start it of, here are all my guns. HK.RBG.armorer's Gnasher Shotgun Perfect Duck's Red Impact KillerK's K'nex gun Ipod Killers Sniper Rifle ( Long barrel, extra large mag, bipod and shoulder piece included ) Perfect Duck's Dual Pistols Perfect Duck's Quad Blaster Jeromy's Knex Samus Arm Gun ( Probably won't keep this though ) Outside of this pic I also have You's semi-auto prototype and a couple of half K'nex guns I broke down for pieces.


why is that gun there killerks gun I noticed my samus arm gun

You can say whatever you want, but killerk's gun is still a good one. I had to kill your arm gun for your sniper though :p As well as Ipod killers sniper.

yeah it is still ok but its not the greatest oh, well good because those guns are way worse than my sniper.

dude post the quad blaster please or at least send me pics please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are pictures in the topic of it, and Perfect Duck hasn't given me permission to post it.

well ask him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

double poster!!!! delete one

Meh, found the other one, and deleted it. Thanks for pointing it out. Dunno why it wasn't on the knex gunners forum though.

Ehh, what the ...? I only see one. So don't blame me. I'd delete the other one if there was another one.