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Shower Water Softener help? Answered

I've been trying to do some research before purchasing a shower water softener, as our water is unbearably hard. It drys out the skin and promotes clogged pores. The problem is... i'm not exactly sure what to look for. There's so much info out there on such a seemingly simple topic, and i'm having a little bit of trouble digesting it all. I'd appreciate it if anyone could give me the quick and dirty version of what i need to look for in one of these things. Thank you!


I think part of the confusion is that what works in one area, doesn't necessarily work in another. My brother and his family live in an area with really bad hard water. They bought a water softener/filtration system and I think it lasted 6 months, so they gave up on it.

I would suggest that you ask others who live in your area, that have the same hard water what they use (if anything) as they would be a better gauge on what will work for you.

Thanks for the input! But the problem is, we're on a well system. And everyone else in town is connected to the local...water processing thing? Not too sure what to call it haha.

AFAIK, most municipal water systems don't treat for hard water, so whatever you have from your well is likely similar (if not exactly the same) as the rest of the town, because the minerals (causing the hard water) will be a regional issue.