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Showing off to fellow plant geeks Answered

Just wanted to post pics of my Amorphophallus paeonifolius in bloom. Took five years, starting with a 2" bulb. The flower is well over a foot across, smells delightful too.


You can tell just by looking at this thing that it is thinking for the right time, and for the right person to walk by, so it can eat it in one gulp.


11 years ago

So when does the larval alien break out of the pod?

Hmm I don't know, let me bend over and take a closer loo.........()@)#()@($&) NO CARRIER

Weird, I wonder what happened... let's all split up and investigate!

I wonder what it tastes like

VERY cool man, what about flies? Wouldn't they swarm to the smell?


Reply 11 years ago

What about it's attraction to cats from the neighborhood?

No cats, other than my own, my dogs wouldn't put up with them in the yard ;-). I'm hoping some carrion beetles will show up, those things are cool.

great job man! this is really cool! but what do you mean with 'smells delightful' - most of the amorphophallus smell like ... carrion or something like that. just awesome. i like plants that are not to find in everyone's garden. where did you get it from?

Just some hyperbole, it does smell quite strongly of rotting fish, we've had to keep the windows closed. Leu gardens, in Orlando, has an annual plant sale, although in recent years it's gone down hill, in the past rare plant dealers would come, and I got it there. Aeshir, Amorphophallus are fly pollinated, so it simulates the appearance and smell of rotting meat. I also have an Aristolochia gigantea vine which uses the same pollination strategy.


11 years ago

Ummm..cool..*barfs* why does it look like a brain after a zombie ate it? I like plants but...WTF