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Sick Axolotl Answered

We have a white Axolotl with pink eyes .. we recently went on a weeks holiday found our Axolotl on the floor not sure how long he has been there, he was still moist and alive so put him back in his tank. He will not eat... Last night he started shedding his skin. This morning he was floating on his side and you could see pink veins all over him. I took him out of the tank and put in a Tupperware container ...Now he has started to get white patches under his mouth, on his tail and side and on his foot ... please help .... what can we do as we don't want him to die???


Axolotl have amazing regenerative abilities but all you can do is wait.

The wild Axolotl here in Ontario Canada are a dark brown with black dots and grow up to 18 inches or 45 cm.

We call them mud puppies and they have been used as Bass bate. They can regenerate hole limbs and parts of major organs as long as their immune system is intact.



3 months ago

How is he now?