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Side-emitting (or sideglow) fibre. Cool ideas? Answered

I have about 20m of 0.7mm diameter side-emitting (or sideglow) fiber optic cable, and access to high powered LASER modules. Does anyone have any cool, creative, funky or bright ideas on what to do with it? Apart from mood lighting at a night-time BBQ, or making a halo for a fancy dress party, or ricing up my motorcycle, I'm stumped.



8 years ago

Fake (and dimly glowing) incandescent filament bulbs.

Fake red-hot wire heaters you can hold in your hand - your hands are asbestos!

Buttons on your clothes sewn with glowing thread (if you could bend the fibre that much)

"Laser barrier" prop (laser light is invisible in open air without smoke or aerosol)

Glowing clock hands or analog meter hand

The same as above, but no moving parts

Night Frisbee or other flying toy (RC plane, kite)

Aquarium diffuse illumination along its edges.

Glowing Buckyball or other wire-mesh geometric body

Rope lighting around the media room.

On the 'bike, for sure. L

Night light for a corridor or staircase (as in "white lights lead to red lights which lead to the exits").

Pseudo-neon signs.

Outline yourself for walking around in the evening.