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Sigh...future posts again... Answered

Eric? It's happening again...



10 years ago

hmm, ya know, you should try Firefox. ;-) one window, several tabs. =) verry efficient.

I do have firefox, but I find IE to be faster...

Wow, that is the first time I have heard that statement LOL BTW: I do not recommend trying the V 8 beta.....It is horrible plus I can't remove it, nor go back to v7 without wiping the whole thing and downloading it and reinstalling it.....*grrrr*

Oh, are you having problems with 8? I did and fixed it by going back to 7...they all said it couldn't be done...I'll tell you how in horrifying detail if you want.

I have the feeling I will have to wipe 8 (and then use CCleaner or my other registry cleaner to clear it from the reg), and reinstall 7. Does that sound familiar? I know, easier said then done.

Nope. I just went to add/remove programs, and removed 8. Easy as falling off a log. :)

For some reason, I don't have that option. It is listed there, in the XP listing of programs to remove, but there is no way to actually remove it (cleanly). :-(

Hmmm...you mean the option to remove it is not there at all? Or you don't trust the remover? If the latter, I did it that way and have had no problems at all since then.

I have no option to remove, update, repair, or back out. Nothing. It may have done something funky when it was installing, and so I am kind of stuck unless I want to fiddle more with it (I mean I would have to get into the registry to fiddle, since I have already removed most of it manually but V.7 still senses it's presence....grrrr.

. Try Revo Uninstaller. I haven't used it, but other than a few complaints of the app showing up in malware scans, it gets good reviews.

Doesn't something like that have to be installed "before the fact" ? I have several uninstallers and none of them show me a way to blank the blankity blank program :-) I will look at it when I get home though.

. I haven't used it yet, but it's _supposed_ to work ex post facto. I'm sure it's like most other such tools - it'll probably get most of the stuff, but not all.

I will look at it when I am home (if my memory allows me to ;-)

That is strange...oh! Did you try CCleaner? I think that should clean it up...I could be wrong though.

It should when I remove the visible bits manually. If not, I also have WiseREG cleaner, and that will most definitely take care of it.....when I get a chance to fool with it again :-)

Shh! we're not all up with the latest..... ;-)

??? MSIE ? I must contact them....I was supposed to be informed of this...

Yep! When it first came out, it was really buggy, full of security holes and didn't work for some people, even killed earlier versions of IE...don't know if they have fixed it or released any patches though.

Could you post a link? I have only been able to find references to Windows Media Player 11. But MSIE seems to only go up to 7 right now, with 8 being a special beta pre-release that I am waiting for them to fix so I can upgrade and get on with the few times I use the browswer. :-)

Apologies-you are correct, I checked and IE only goes up to 7...I must have gotten confused.

You're sure it was only confusion and not leg-pulling? =)

NP, I am in that condition much of the time myself LOL

Oh! well all I can suggest then is: FasterFox (performance tweaks, plus a nice little page load timer. :) )

FasterFox (performance tweaks, plus a nice little page load timer. :) )

Not to confuse with FatterFox.

Fatter Fox is what happens if you put 15 or more Add ons in that start with the browswer (5 or 6 tool bars help make it fatter too :-)

Well I use FF as my "development" browser, so I like a lot of tools :-) as most guys do

It's happening again! :O

Just today I saw negative post numbers! Does it make sense to have -3 posts?

The faker had an o instead of an a in the lotsa part of the name. Look it up. The faker's forum was also removed and I got an anonymous comment saying his account was locked from him.

Oh, ok, I wasn't sure which one was the original...btw, how do you get an anonymous comment?

This is better placed in the help - bugs section. In any case, one of our servers went through a wormhole and arrived before it left! I'll make sure it doesn't kill its grandfather or something...

. Is this specific "bug" worth reporting every time it happens or will everything straighten out when the clocks synch (or whatever happens that fixes it)?

I'm wondering if all the servers of the site are synchronized together ........ =o/

yay, I'm the future of this site!

You found how to time travel!!! xD -spill the beans

I got a free flux capacitor sample from analog devices yesterday.

Haha, when you said that, on my comments board it shows you commenting -44 minutes ago!

Oh no, not again!