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Silhouette Cameo Black Friday Discounts Answered

Remember that great Papercraft Challenge we ran with Silhouette a while back, where they gave away a CAMEO as the top prize?  Well, now Silhouette wants to share some great discounts with all of Instructables for Black Friday.

These are the details for the Silhouette Black Friday discounts:

Visit http://silhouetteamerica.com/blackfriday.aspx with promo code INSTRUCTABLES for:
  • 1 Silhouette CAMEO® plus 1 copy of Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition (MSRP $349.98) for $229.99
  • 1 Silhouette Portrait™ for $179.99
  • 40 percent off at silhouetteamerica.com

The discount is good through the whole week, so even if you're anti-Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you can still benefit from some great deals.  

Not sure what  a Silhouette can do for you?  Author mizunohadouken made an entire Stealth Iron Man Costume which snagged a Grand Prize in the Halloween contest!   What will you make with yours?

(Offer only valid at silhouetteamerica.com. Expires November 30, 2012. Rain checks not available.
% discount excludes Silhouette CAMEO®, Silhouette Portrait™, downloads, download cards, subscriptions, and gift cards).


Got my silhouette in the mail yesterday and have been addicted to it since it was first unpacked. I'm so excited!

Thanks so much for the code!

Can we have the Silhouette Cameo as a prize soon? PLEASE!?!?
(I so need/want this.... but I didn't budget any shopping for myself this year). :-(

In case Santa is reading:

1. Silhouette Cameo *sigh*
2. KitchenAid Pro Stand Mixer (Empire Red)
3. World peace or a winning Lottery Ticket.

Stocking stuffer: Instructables T-Shirt (Empire Red) Size L


We did! For the last papercraft challenge. What kind of contest would you like to see next for it?

I remember that. I just didn't get one done in time for that challenge. :(

Thank you for asking! I would LOVE to see an "Un-Plugged Cutting Contest" where ANY material can be used with an emphasis on ibles that involve NON-mechanical means of cutting (and finishing of the projects). So you'd have to use hand tools like craft-blades, scissors, or limited use of punches, but no cutting machines, power tools, laser cutters, cnc-machines etc. This way, projects can be in any medium, (like fabric appliques or, kirigami, etched glass with handmade stencils, wood inlays, metal work etc); but the Instructables are inclusive to anyone and everyone with just plain old creativity and basic hand tools only.

I know that some people have expressed some disappointment in the number of Ibles that use machines that many don't have access to, so making a contest that forbids their use (should keep everyone happy) AND would give members the opportunity to win a Silhouette Cameo (or perhaps other machines), to expand their creativity. And for other prizes, you could include Friskar Scissors (or another brand), cutting mats, rotary cutters and craft punches in various shapes, edge designs etc. making more than enough 'theme related' prizes to go around.

Now you got me all excited. lol I'd even be happy to design the main banner if you'd like (as long as I could still enter). :-)

Oh, I love the idea of an Unplugged contest!

Not just cutting, make it a contest rule that the only power source allowed is human muscle power.

I suppose any project that would normally yield better results with mechanical aids could qualify. The cutting aspect was merely to denote some intricacy to the design (whether its wood, metal, fabric, paper, etc). Its easy to use mechanical means to cut those things, but its much more challenging to do so with only hand tools.


You could even include projects for making archaic hand-tools, or baking using an open fire instead of an oven...

For an all-purpose "Unplugged Contest" yes, those would work. In this case, I doubt the makers of the Silhouette Cameo (or a laser cutter) would see the correlation in a contest involving baking in an open fire oven. So I think there's some potential in having 2 versions (with different prizes). Especially since judging would be difficult to compare an intricately cut applique against a backyard kiln. Either way, I think we're both on the same page with the "unplugged" aspect. There are many out there (like myself) that don't have access to fancy machines and equipment, so an un-plugged contest kind of levels the playing field for everyone!

Ah, I see the ulterior motives to the suggestion!

(Maybe the prizes for a general unplugged contest could be a set of power tools? Maybe one of the various sets where numerous tools share one battery?)

LOL... yes you got it. :-)

Solar panels, power tools and the like are fine for a general unplugged contest... but this member wants a Silhouette Cameo!!! :-D