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Silicone Mask Silicone? Answered

So I have created a negative of a sculpt (two part plaster) for a full head and top of shoulders mask; I would like to cast it out of silicone but I am not sure what to use... I need something available in uk that can stretch a lot (it is a tight mask so that it binds to your expressions) and is soft like skin. (And Cheap! :) tops around £30) I was thinking about platsil Gel 00 or 10. What do you think? Thanks! (And if you can, how much would I need?)


I use Smooth-On products and they always performed very well. For the cheap part, you are out of luck. Silicon is not cheap and I would be very suspicious of any cheap silicon, as it usually means a little bit of silicon in a weird plastic matrix that makes my skin go all red , puffy and itchy for days.

Alec Tiranti sell a range of silicones that you could look at, and you could also look at Smooth-on materials - They have a UK division too.