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Simple Cthulhu? Answered

I do not know how to crochet - i can sew by hand (can't use a sewing machine!) but would like to make something that has to do with Cthulhu for my sister. HELP! (perhaps an easy Cthulhu plushie? or hat?)


You could also modify this slightly to make a super cute plush Cthulhu.

try googling nuigurumi it's the sister trend of amigurumi, for sewing. in my opinion it's also a lot cuter in certain instances, but i have got the patience to gather all sorts of materials. yarn's just easier to work with for me -_-. anywho, i hope this inspires you to design your own little felt or something else cthulhu!

and you can always learn to crochet! there are plenty of people on this site who've posted on the subject :D

Why don't you try modifying a little this Squid Hat? That's what I'm gonna try to do, to have a Cthulhu hat for Winter =)