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Simple Light Switch Question Answered

Hi there.

Very simple question from an idiot.

I'm making a mini puppet of robby the robot from forbidden planet.

for the mouth i've a simple set of cheap battery powered leds.

There are 20 leds and i've got them in 2 rows of 10.

I want to be able to operate them in a really simple way so that the top row comes on or the bottom row or both on
to simulate robby speaking.

My plan is to split the set of lights into 2 sets of 10 and have each on a circuit where i was going to make a switch for each set that is simply something you press down. Then having the 2 switches next to one another so you can press 1 or the other or both at once simply with your thumb, and i'm thinking of simply using a coke tin aluminium to complete each circuit.

I can imagine someone who actually knows what they are doing thinking, this guy knows nothing! and they'd be right! but any tips or alternative methods or even confirming this plan will work are much appreaciated, thankyou.



2 years ago

Did you make it?

Can you post pics?


Reply 5 months ago

ended up just using a push button switch soldered onto the poundland LEDs worked quite well.

Will post some pics at the weekend.

dm desins

2 years ago

ya same it wood work


3 years ago

Sounds good. Go with that.