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Simple PCB etching? Answered

To print out a pcb circuit you need magazine paper, a transparency or photo paper. Well I was just wondering if I can just take magazine paper out of a actual magazine if its a blank page and print right on to that and then iron that on to my pcb?


Any glossy magazine page should work but the quality won't be all that great. You will end up having to go back and fill in gaps in the transfer with a permanent marker. The best way is to get actual transfer paper that is designed to be used with a laser printer and transfer the design.

I have had very little success with this method... I think probably my reason is my printer (a brother) has a higher ink temperature than most printers, and makes the ink much harder to transfer.

I have some dry photoresist sheets coming in the mail (hopefully this week!) which will allow me to create boards by exposing them to UV light. I'll let you know how it goes.... just if you have trouble with the toner method...