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Simple Software Development for Drones Answered

Hello Hackers! 

I’m David and I’m the head of Developers Relations at NVdrones.

I’m writing to you guys and gals because I think you will be interested to know about what we created.

We create a platform that allows any hacker to write an app for a drone in the most simple way possible. Meaning you can create a pace of software that will control a drone autonomously based only on inputs from sensor that you attach to our board.

No need to know C, change firmware nor spend thousands of dollars for a flight controller that allows swapping of the firmware.

With our solution you can by the cheapest flight controller for around 30USD, attach our board (NVextender) and have a solution that can be programmed using Arduino right now and Android, Javascript and more in the future.

We just pre launched the developer website http://developers.NVdrones.com and would like to invite your audience to take a look. If you would like to get the pre release Developer Kit send me an email at developers@NVdrones.com and let know how would you plan to use our platform.



I flagged this topic as I think the market place should be for members but not for a company to register only for the reason to increase sales figures.

No real info, no pics, no video, just another attempt to get quick and cheap feedback.

Offer a decent discount for Instructables members or send out some free prototypes to some of the really active people here and I might revise my judgement.

We are in pre-launch and are just looking for people that are interested to create apps using drones and help test our platform. The price is much cheaper then the final product - how much, well... it will depends on what we set on.

Since we got already good feedback that such platform is much needed i tough that here there would be some people that might be interested to know that such solution exist.

If this is not the right place to reach for developers, then I would like to apologies for the misunderstanding.


The place is a good as any but I, personally, am always a bit sceptic with freshly registered users posting such request.

Same for surveys or other "promotions".

There will people interest for sure but the question is: Why should someone prefer your product over already established products?

I think if you add some nice pics or a video or the product performing the "offer" looks much more legit.

And helping with projects always works better in both ways, that why I suggested the special offers for members here.

Or to make it more interesting start a contest with your products as prices.

There are also maker spaces where our members build things, maybe joining one near you and make a working copter would be the best promotion you can get.

Something like "Drone build night at .... , sponsored by NV drones" ?

Why should someone pick our solution over another one? Well, there is no other one right now in the stage that we are in - and I'm serious.

I can understand your skepticism. All the thing that you mentioned will come once we launch. Right now I just wanted to get interest from a much smaller group of people to make sure that i will be able able to handle the conversation and actually implement any good suggestion in the final product.

I hope my reasoning is clear and now you better understand where I'm coming from.