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Simulated dawn & dusk LED aquarium light? Answered

Instead of using a timer to turn the light on and off I would love to simulate dawn and dusk by having the light slowly ramp up to full power and then slowly ramp down to off at the end of the cycle.I do have some limited electronics experience but over the years have done less and less so I'm not as sharp as I used to be.If anyone has some ideas how I can do this I would love to hear them.Thanks to all.



Alternatively, you could use a an analog light sensor to read actual conditions from a window, then use that information to control the lighting to your aquarium. All could be done using an Arduino or similar controller.

Use a 24 hour clock motor to rotate an opaque cylinder around the bulb. The cylinder will have an aperture cut so that as it rotates around the light level will ramp up and be full for 10-12 hours then ramp down for night.

Simplest way these days would be to use an "Arduino" computer, a little board specially designed to control things like your lights. Writing a program to control the lighting would be very simple.