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Simultaneously play the two parts of a stereo video on different monitors? Answered

I'm working on a 3d projection system that will require me to send two different videos that play SIMULTANEOUSLY into two video outputs. How could I take a stereo video and play its parts on separate projectors? I'm not going to just manually send the videos into each projector individually; timing is key.


What is a "stereo video"?
(I don't know what technology you're referring to)


Stereo video is similar to stereo audio. You have two sepparate data streams that carry two different parts of a video. Most digital formats specifically designed for 3d use this two-part video stream, allowing you to view 3d in multiple ways: side-by-side, shutter, anaglyph, and anything else your graphics card supports. 3d Blu-Ray discs also use a stereo video format. Anaglyph 3d used to be achieved with a normal video format because of its two color system, but as new digital 3d methods came out, there needed to be a way to carry two different videos tied together like in audio, where the two different audio streams needed to reach two different ears. This is just two different eye perspectives reaching the eyes they need to go to through an interchangeable method. I just want to know a way to send the two different parts of this video format to different projectors, not one.

I was not too sure whether you've got the video and a player, or you need to do that too. You say you have no software, have you a 3D / stereo video, or do you need to put that together also?


One of the things I'm best at in video software is encoding, so yes, I've got the stereo video. I just need a way to play it back to two different outputs.

This would be off a PC? Do you have a graphics-card with 2 outputs?


Yes, I just can't find a way to play the two different parts into the two outputs. I can only extend the player into both outputs, not send each part into the respective output.

Use a playback program that can play 3d video, and set its output mode to left and right. Plug in 2 projectors to 2 video ports (may need additional hardware such as an extra video card or cable splitter).

The video must be encoded in one of the many 3d formats.

I made it through all of the other stuff except for the playback program that allows the video into two different outputs. Any programs in mind?