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Singer Scarf Contest Answered

CRAFT and Singer are teaming up to bring you the Me, My Scarf  & I Contest!

Show off your own personal style in scarf-version for a chance to win a new Singer ProFinish serger or a universal carrying case + $25 to the Maker Shed.

All you need for entry is a Flickr photo of you wearing the scarf, but I bet a full-on Instructable of how you made the scarf would give you a winning edge!

Deadline for entries is 11:59 p.m. PDT November 23, 2009. Each entry will be judged based on the following criteria: creativity of design, description of how the scarf represents the creator, and the use of a sewing machine in the creation process.

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8 years ago

From the sidebar:

CRAFT?and Singer are teaming up to bring you the Me, My Scarf? &?I?Contest!? Show off your own personal sty…

I don't do craft or need any more scarves but I had to click on the link just because of that.  Shame it's just an HTML escape fail.

I would love to be able to enter contests Instructables are offering, but I live in Canada as many of Instructables fans do.... A serger ?Oh wow!  Hey what about a contest where the prize would be a knitting machine, or a kiln, or a copy of The Instructables book, or money to pay off my Visa bill (just kidding) contest? Or a trip to Burning Man, or Maker Faire (lost in dream land now bye)

i was so excited to see this costume 'till i read the contest rules. BOO! BOO! BOO! i live in canada :(

 I'm sick of this America only policy

Try putting contest sponsors from other countries in touch with Instructables...

Agreed!  Let me know when there are contests in your area, and I'd be happy to do a write up!

Of course its only for US residents.  Being that I'm from Canada I must only use "BEAVER BRAND" sewing machines.  That and porcupine quills for needles, when I go nuts and do a little old school free-hand, I could go on but whats the point.  The Singer machine is actually an American invention, there were others in France, Britain and Germany, but they all malfunctioned.   So really, I can't be cranky about it.

Of course this contest is only available to US residents.