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Single Bottle wine tap Answered

Hi Everyone.  I'm looking for help with finding the pieces I need to build a wine dispenser that uses inert gas (typically nitrogen).  I'm fairly certain I can come up with fittings and tubing, but the real piece I'm missing is a dispenser spout and a way to connect it to the bottle, without it spewing the wine while under pressure.  Once I get that, I'll have no problem building a box to mount it in.  Thanks for your help.


Just came across your post...have you found a dispenser spout?


3 years ago

Have you managed to fabricate one yet? Have you got any ideas on parts?

I am also looking to DIY my own pressurized wine dispenser. Have you had any luck with sourcing your parts?


'm guessing you would not buy that for the two buck chuck.  A good rubber stopper might be good enough to build upon, I do not know what pressure is needed to dispense and you wouldn't need to go all the way to "carbonate" your drink.  Good luck.

the "Kepper" is exactly what I'm trying to create, and trying to avoid purchasing as a kit. I want to make my own with off the shelf parts and mount it into my own box.

maybe you can modify the beer keg adapter taps. Lots of parts on ebay.