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Single Strand Braided Bracelet? Answered

Hello, New to this forum. But I love it! I found the site while looking for instructions on how to braid a paracord bracelet.

Here's the question. On a recent trip to Florida my daughter found a braided bracelet that looks like a standard 3 strand braid. But it's continuous with no clasp and it's done with a single strand. Does anyone know have a guide on how this is done?


I think the following link is what you're looking for:


I think you might mean something like this: http://www.stanpope.net/braid.html You braid around and around with a single strand rather than with 3 strands or a strip of cut leather.

It's called a magic braid, and I bet you can find instructions online somewhere.  I have done it, but I always need the directions again from the package.  It's done with maybe a strand of leather split in the middle into 3 strands?