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Single or dual ethernet ports in each room? Answered

I'm thinking about wiring up our house for LAN with CAT 6 ethernet cable, Is there any advantages of putting two ports in each room or should I just stick with one port?



Best Answer 9 years ago

If the cost isn't prohibitive, you might as well put two in, then it's ready if you need a spot for a second computer.

Yeah, You've got a good point there. Would there be any reason to put in a antenna and a phone connection while I'm at it...

If you're running wires, you might as well. Again, the only reason not to is cost and labor.

Okay, It's always good to get a second opinion. I was looking at the 1000' bulk rolls of cable anyway, Just finding a place that supplies it and doesn't charge you double the price of the roll for shipping might be a bit harder though.... Thanks.

I would recommend three at least. You can always use the extra jacks for VOIP or another network drop. Also in the future - you will be able to run an HDMI signal over two Cat5e/Cat6 cables with an adapter. This would be an easy way to distribute HDMI all over your house from an HDMI switch tied a centralized set of AV gear.

If I could do it again, I would probably drop one of the RG6  lines from my bundled cable (2 x Cat5e, 2 x RG6) and put another network line instead. Fortunately, I fed pull strings in the first time I put cable in so it was easy to add new network lines.

If you havent already done it yet, definatley go with two, I wired my house myself with cat5e and only put one in each room and now I wish I would have installed more.....


9 years ago

I have done my house with 2 Cat6 in each room. This has many advantages if the cost isn't to much. If you terminate each line at a patch panel you can do many things with the second jack. It can be patched into a phone system from the patch panel, A second data line for an additional computer, an open data jack for a wireless access point, VOIP phones if it ever becomes a cost effective solution for home users, or even a spare line in case the first one gets damaged. Being in the IT world it is always better to have to many than not enough.

Yes! While your at it, it's well worth it. Just ensure the total distance from each cable to the wiring room won't be more than 45 meters, 40 to be safe from any problems.