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Sipriani Rifle V2.0 Bullet Answered

erm..... well i guess it shoots 250 feet (i sniped from my fire escape) and it's not too hard to make. :D the last 2 pictures are the power from 20 feet away


Could you add another picture with the bullet loaded on the ratchet?

You just place it on top of the barrel. It shouldn't go in the barrel, though.

Should one of the splices be in the ratchet holes? To be honest, I'd understand it much better if you added a pic.

Okay, I didn't have either my sipinari rifle, or the bullet. I hope this helps. :


Hey owen-mon (or anyone else), could you please tell me how you sharpen rods?

You could do that. But my pencil sharpener is a newer one, so I have to sharpen them with a razor blade. And there also more sharp when you do them that way.

What I do is take a chisel and hammer, place the rod at 45 degrees on the ground or hard surface, chisel all the way around, then wittle it down sharper with a knife.

see, i would do that, but i don't have direct access to a chisel, almost every other hand tool, but not a chisel

OH, it's placed just like the regular bullet! Ok, thanks!

Okay, I'll post a picture as soon as I can. (around 10 min)

It does not truly fire 250 feet, if that is from your fire escape. knex range must be measured in a flat area.

My fire escape was 10 feet off of the ground. It could go around 300 ft from a 45 degree angle.

This is so awesome! I could only fire it from 50 feet with out losing the round, but it is awesome! Five Stars!

I really doubt a 250 ft range. Don't really think you measured it either, because that would be quite tricky.

I paced it. If you don't know what pacing is, let me explain. (i learned this in boy scouts, w00t w00t!) Pacing is measuring a distance by walking. (mostly used when hiking) First you record how many steps it takes for you to walk 100 feet, or 50 feet, etc. then while your walking you count how many step you take, and calculate how far you went. This helps A LOT when your using maps when hiking / walking.

Hmm, I know what pacing is.

It was from my fire escape, witch is around 20 feet high up. And it was from a 0 degree angle.

Lol, i used it in the old Sipriani and that one works well too with this bullet. :P