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Sipriani Rifle V3.0 (FT210) Review Answered

Hey there! This is my review of the Sipriani Rifle V3.0 (FT210).

First, lets start with physical appearance.

Strength - 8.0. Pretty sturdy.
Stock - 8.0. This stock is good, but personally I like the V2's stock better.
Handle - 8.0 Pretty good handle, the blue rods dig into your hand though.
Scope - 8.0. Nothing new, but it gives you an idea of where the bullet's going.

Overall, 8.0

Now, for performance.

Range - 10.0. This things shoots far. With wings, even farther.
Accuracy - 9.0 The long barrel makes it very accurate. Even more with wings
Ease of firing - 6.0 It's pretty hard to load this, to be honest. You have to pull back the rubber bands a very long distance, have to clip off half the scope, then put the bullet on. By the way - I was using 2 #64 rubber bands.
Fun to shoot with - 9.0 Defiantly one of my most favorite guns I've ever built.

Overall - 8.5

Final Score - 8.3
Man, I feel like I underrated this. This is a very good gun. I would recommend this to anyone.

If my calculations are incorrect, please correct me!
Thanks for reading this review!

- Owen-mon-82397


that looks sickly awsome

Can you show me a picture of your bullet with fins?