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Site updates, upcoming changes and developments Answered

As it seems the support team is still working hard to improve this ection I would like to take the opportunity to provide a base for everyone.

Users can post bugs they find, feedback or suggestions for features they would like to see or have here.
The support team could be so nice to keep us updated about what is planned and when to expect some problems or hick ups.
Maybe even a list of things already in the planning for us.

There is already a quite long list of requests that grew over the years, so maybe the support team could start the conversation with some infos? ;)



4 days ago

I wish that there was a way that I could see 1.) whether or not I had favorited a particular Instructable and/or 2.)whether or not I have downloaded a particular Instructable


Reply 4 days ago

If you have favorited an instructable the heart will appear purplish instead of grey. Your premium membership expired back in 2013 so you will need to upgrade your account if you'd like to download any instructables.

I hope that helps!

Troy (tomatoskins)
Community Manager


4 days ago

Heads up to the Devs. I do code, if you can use a volunteer, let me know


7 days ago

I have no clue why this simple task is not working but am sure the developery will know all about it:
It is often impossible to reply to a topic, especially if it contains images.
No text input possible, no cursor, no nothing.
How is one supposed to post if it is not possible to enter text?
Tried reloading the page endless times, used Chrome instead of Firefox and even tried on the tablet - no chance.
Might explain why so many topics remain unansered - the people just gave up trying ROFL


10 days ago

It beats me. many of the most frequent contributors to his "forum" have extensive software development experience, it's free why not use it.


13 days ago

The Questions page is STILL prey to listing posts that are years old. This can't be a serious problem. just make the page more obvious.

Jack A Lopezrickharris

Reply 12 days ago

Well, I think the thing to do would be to add some buttons, for to allow the user to choose how he or she wants to sort these questions or forum topics: either by the date when the question/topic was posted, or by the date it was last commented on by someone else.

At present, everything seems to be, by default, sorted by date-it-was-last-commented-on, and the only reason why these ancient posts keep coming back to the top of the pile, is because people keep "bumping" them, making them visible by commenting on them.

Downunder35mJack A Lopez

Reply 11 days ago

I don't think they can just add a few buttons as these few buttons required a lot of code to work.
Too much was abandoned with the update that is still missing and having the remains, like category selections before posting only makes it more confusing.
IMHO this update should have never made it to a release state LOL
Sure it saves a lot of server capacitites but the usability went down to zero.
Before the update I could at least some default options in the address bar, like sort=recent but these are abandoned too.

It's what now? About two years?
Ongoing "updates" and "improvements" that never accomplished anything but to create frustration for the users.
We already had a ton of really really required things on our lists that never made it into the so called update.
They have just been left out like all the rest.
Although the support tries to convince me otherwise I simply fail to trust their assurances.
First we had the total ignorance of implementing things literally every busy user wanted.
Then we had useless buttons added that did nothing good at all.
Only to start over so to say and just provide something that I call an archive of posts with the user option to totally mess it up by making a comment.
Unless there is some real progress showing up very soon I simply say we won't ever see a fully working community section here again.
Just my personal opinion based on the observation over the years.

I can remember the times when someone from the support actually replied to a thread in the help and bugs section.
This went down from a few people replying to just one.
Sure, might be just the nominated guy to reply but begs the question what really happened to the support team?
Even with no knowledge of the system used here I am quite confident that in two years just me alone would have been able to at least implement a few features that actually work....