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Sitting In the Hospital Answered

So this is the third time I've tried to type this post... Let's go for it again. (I think it's the hospital's wifi not wanting to load pages...) I was admitted here yesterday for a collapsed lung. "Spontaneous pneumothorax." They told me thats what I had, then drug me over here. The surgeon stuck a tube in my side, and, well... here I sit. So how has everyone else's weekend gone so far? Hopefully I will be out tomorrow. Wednesday at the latest.


I'm confused. Can this happen to anyone, or has it happened to you before?

I guess it could happen to anyone, but typically to tall, skinny males, ages 15-25 (according to the doctor). I fit the skinny part, and I'm 20. I don't know about the tall part (6' 1").

Not for a 20 year old. My friend is 6'1" and he's my age. 14. :O

GM, 6'1" is tall for anybody. The average fullgrown American man is only five foot somthing.

Wow, sorry to hear that. I know I did not enjoy just the over night stay to get my heart cath done, and now, coming on the 9th, I will be in for 3-4 days following a double bypass. The only reason I mention it is because I hate lying on my back....and I will not have a choice for about 6-8 weeks after the bypass. grrr. Hope you have a very swift recovery...

Well, I'm out. I'm fine. Not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be when I went in. So I guess I get to enjoy my little vacation away from work...

A bit Ironic, but you're avatar looks like a furry guy in in a bed.

Ouch! That's painful (I am told). Did it really just go spontaneously? Or did you fall down a mineshaft and get crushed between pitprops or something? Oh, my weekend's been fine - back from holiday, and I did a whole 'ible (from raw materials to posted and featured project) in a day! I'm kind of proud...

Yep, it was spontaneous. I was sitting there, and then got up to get the phone and thought I was dying. Of course being the stupid person I am, I didn't go to the doctor until the next day. So I spent a night in pain thinking it was related to the reflux I had earlier on in the day. Next morning I came to the conclusion that reflux does not hurt down the right arm, and went to the doctor. And I'm pretty sure I didn't fall down a mineshaft... Unless I just don't remember it.

Oops, I forgot the obligatory spam link.

See? Your painfully distorted internal organs distracted me from the important things in life...

I hope you get better!

Uh-oh, a collapsed lung isn't the best weekend activity. I hope you get well soon, and stay out of the hospital. Best wishes dude!