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Six Diamond or Regular Mesh or Traditional? Answered

 Do you guys prefer six diamond mesh, or regular ten diamond, or traditional? If one why?


Broseidon, the best mesh there is is Ruby mesh. But i think if you string it yourself, custom variations of traditional are the best, this is because you can fine-tune these perfectly how u like it unlike mesh, they're way lighter than mesh, you get less air resistance on shots depending on your style, and they look like the 1 and only god of flow, Flowseidon, just dropped it in you lap and said, rock this, for this is GNAR.

 I personally prefer six-diamond, I have used it for three years now and like how the ball slides out much easier than with regular. I have never used traditional for a long period of time so I cannot say anything about that, but I will post and instructable soon about it.