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Size of one twister "dot"? Answered

I am planning a disco style floor for my basement, modeled after the one shown here: http://www.wehavethenight.com.  I had the idea of installing a "twister" mat inside the floor.  Unfortunately, my own map ripped a couple of years ago and I need some measurements including: circumference of dot and space in between the dots both horizontal and vertical.  I'll be sure to thank whomever posts the measurements in my instructable of the build.


Diameter of dot  :  7 1/16 "
Horizontal gap between dots  :  3 3/4 "  (6 dots wide.)
Vertical gap between dots  :  3 15/16 "   (4 dots high.)

I'll leave you to work out the distance between  centres.

Make sure you take plenty of photos as you go along, and post a step-by-step instructable!