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Skate was right. Yeah. Answered

Skate was right. Firefox PWNS. I got fed up with chrome. I love it in many ways, but it's just too buggy and slim on features. I'm still using it sometimes, to help beta test it and all, but my heart belongs to another. So I downloaded FF the other day, and am installing addons like a madwoman. Greasemonkey (the comment rater script! No knex! No yarn!), themes, games, rss feeds-it's like a whole new dimension to the internet. It does run better in vista though-still slow on my XP machine. I should have listened to you earlier, skate!


konqueror 3.5 just enjoy using it. its lightweight and can be customized to be with very thin borders and stuff - you surf allmost in fullscreen. and it integrates well with the other apps in kde but firefox is still needed for the buggy pages of instructables

Chrome is no longer in Beta :-)

*cough safari on mac os x is the fastest cough*

*cough not everyone has mac osx cough*

Here here... but something went wrong with my FF, and I had to use safari...

Things go wrong with firefox????? omg, its a good thing its free. I have no problems with safari, its a very stable, and very fast browser, and it still has a few good add on's, i know its no where near as many as FF, but i make that sacrifice in exchange for the aforementioned reasons.

I'm dancing about madly until Chrome is released...

Chrome is in beta. I have it. Crashes sometimes, but not bad overall.

Yah, for windows though. It's not yet been released for Mac, I think they are releasing the full version, not beta.

hmm prehaps, but safari has too many nice features for me to give it up, eg webclips, drag and drop tabs. Plus on the mac platform, the mac software tends to run the most stable anywho.

ZOMFSM I LURVS THE DRAG AND DROP!! Except when I accidently drag an unsavory image and drop it on the desktop...

well, i actually ment drag and drop tabs, you know, you drag a tab out into a new window, or drag a window into a tab on another window.

I didn't know that... AWESOME!!!!

haha, don't you love that about macs? always finding new features, you do use expose and hot corners don't you?

I've had tons of problems with safari and quicktime. I've had to go back to firefox. Very annoying, because I like safari. :(

Well, my advice, is make sure that your system update is up to date, because apple are always releasing updates. Especially with programs like safari and quicktime. 9/10 if something isnt working on a mac, it normally needs updating.

Everything's been updated several times and I've checked every setting I can think of. I've even deleted/reinstalled a few times with no luck. :P

What version of max os x are you running? (im actually somewhat of a mac geek, so i would like to help you out the best i can)

so that explains why you haven't been in the chat room recently

:D Am I ever wrong?

Ummmmmm.......... You got so owned.

Thank you. Thank you very much for not just posting a "Yeah" and then moving along. Thank you for breaking the streak. Thank you very much.

TOO many addons will slow it down a wee bit when you go to bring it up next time (I have a lot of tools n things as add ons and they do for me, especially since I have it checking for new updates each time :-)

You never told me how you almost died!

Yeah I did! I replied on my orangeboard. It didn't come for me either. :'(


9 years ago


I've always used firefox, and it is a very good internet... um, platform,.. or whatever it's called. Glad it worked out for you.

lol, i saw a video about the 4 major browsers, and firefox won, chrome and safari tied for second, and Internet explorer was obviously last