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Skillz? Answered

So, I'm guessing everybody's got some sort of skill/z they are proud of, what's yours?


I got dem halo skillz! i dare someone to try and pwn me!

Sorry for the late reply but... Guitar Hero Rockband Drumming Guitar Piano Typing (lol)

Actually now that I have thought about it, I have super rad ninja skills. Haha not really, people tell me I'm anything but ninja-like sometimes. I guess I have a pretty good memory, depending on what it is I'm trying to remember. Also I'm pretty good at sewing and a lot of other random things.

...nunchuck skills...

piss-off-people skills....

Girls only want boyfriends that have great skills. GOSH!

knex, and just about every game i have played........... plus, im #1 in pissing off everyone here, i guess that counts as some sort of skill........

Well, I'm a bit partial to Time Bandits myself, but GB is close. My two favorite lines?

  • Good safety tip, Igon. (Actually, the whole "don't cross the beams" bit :-)
  • If a supernatural being asks if you're a god, you say "Yes."

Well, I play Guitar Hero on expert...

Psh DDR on expert!!!!! electronics math not bad at football I play a mean gears of war (yay, got the 2nd one yesterday!!!)

LOL you need to teach me how to play football...

well, you run really fast and then catch the ball without stopping and run for your life or get crushed by other men 0.o

I can catch and run for my life, but i tend to get a bit violent come tackle time...


I'm a Master at Wii MarioKart... I can beat anybody at mushroom gorge, anybody

"Im pretty killer with a bow-staff" lolz

Oo i was like what the flip is a bow staff? the correct term is just bo, and im more than familiar with it...

Wait, what's that from?

Napoleon dynamite! I have 3 of the movie tshirts.


9 years ago

Guitar! And Guitar Hero! (surprisingly, guitar hero actually gets you more street cred these days)

Hmm, 95% of the time, I am ok at being a diplomat :-) Electronics, and building things from schematics is one of my hobby type skills, along with some ability to do pyrographs. I have been told I am a great eclectic. *shrug* Oh, and my most used skill is apologizing for everything :-)

I'm apparently an excellent photographer
I can draw to some extent
You know those crazy ideas that put you in hospital like land boating and tying two bikes and a box lid together, they never put me in hopsital
Being able to text, light a smoke and make obscene gestures while riding my bike
errr... there are some other things I'm proud of but...

The most I can do on a bike is text and not ride into oncoming traffic XD

The trick is using the phone as a wind shield and holding it while pulling the finger... as an added test try it it half nekkid... (it was summer...)

Last time I did that the heatwave was on so it was nigh on 30C if not over it... summers aren't always great here but a good one is lovely... plus when you're riding around for hours in that the breeze hitting your nips is great...

Lets see... <mentally calculates>, gee that is kinda warm, summer here can peak at 110F...

Do you do this all with one hand? Or do you hold the lighter in one hand and the phone in the other while you're giving someone the finger? You ride your bike half nekkid? O_o At least it was in the summer I suppose... Might not be such a great idea in the winter...

Lighter in one hand finger outstretched on phone hand and phone being texted while shielding lighter from wind... There was reason behind it all involving a friend and such... It was a boiling day, let me say though a bee to the nipple is painful when you're moving fast.

Ah well, that sounds like it does take some skills... Especially not to veer into traffic... D: I bet

A lost pasttime but it's what causes it to be done...

Meh well, might as well say what I can do... Excellent in a proper fight, with any weapons/ lack of weapons, thinking on my feet, pseudo MacGyver skills, and I'm fairly good at convincing people something is true when it isn't quite (acting, the career of choice for pathological liars...)

acting, the career of choice for pathological liars...

I guess I should be an actor then.

It's fun, makes you feel real cool inside, and releases that inner urge to fool everybody...

I'm fairly well-rounded, I'm good in many areas but not an expert in anything really. But I can play a mean sax :D

Let's see... Unicycle Photography Shofar I dunno..I probably have some others.

I was going to get into Unicycling once. Not sure why I didn't, but it's one of the things on the list of stuff to do before I peg it.

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