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Skinny brass tubing that fits inside 1/2 in CPVC ? Answered

I'm looking for skinny brass tubing that fits inside 1/2 in CPVC. It needs to be air tight but still slide without too much force. (and where to get it)



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Many hobby stores will have a display full of aluminum and brass tubing, usually made by K&L engineering. These handy little pieces of metal are meant for building parts of model airplanes and stuff, but could also be what you're looking for!

Call your local hobby shops and see if they've got brass tubing. If they do, bring a sample of your CPVC and try it in-store to see if it fits.

The only hobby shop I have near my house doesn't sell it. I've checked.

Sucks. Can you order online?

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Does 1/2 in pvc fit around 1/2 cpvc the way i specified in my original question?

Dunno. It would be best to visit a hardware store to find out.

Could you use 1/2" copper pipe, maybe? You can usually buy it in short lengths (3 or 4 feet) at places like Home Depot.

Thanks that worked great

Thanks, I'll try that today.

Would you like to tell us what for?
Where depends upon where you are, but for that size maybe a builder's / plumber's merchant.


I want to make a brass breech for one of my nerf guns.

Thanks, I thought it would be something like that. My best suggestion for where as before.


I agree with Jeff. The K+L stuff is a great resource. Actually, I'd go for a tight fit for the PVC pipe, and get the NESTING tube for that - K+L tubing telescopes beautifully with the next size down, its very round, and accurate enough to make a good joint.

The only hobby shop I have near my house doesn't sell it. I've checked.

I should try if I were you. Its THE stuff for this.