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SkullCandy Headphones Answered

Hey guys , just wondering my skull candy headphones broke in half today , and I'm wondering is it possible to "solder" plastic together to basically fix it? because my cousin tried to fix it by putting this Sumo Glue...on it , it won't get put together again by my friend. Is there any other way of doing this? or maybe basically removing the glue somehow and adding some other type of glue to make it stick together? Thanks guys... =DD


Actually, take them to a hobby shop. Plastic model cement actually softens the plastic and fuses the 2 pieces together. They might do it for you. There are also several plumbing adhesives that might work, depending on the type of plastic. ABS, PVC, polypro, etc solvents work the same way as plastic model cement. Instead of a flame, use a soldering iron. Car repair guys do it to weld the plastic together. I saw it on MuscleCar. :)

If it's just the plastic casing shell thingie, I would try taking a lighter and melting a piece of a ziploc bag and using that to "meld" the broken bits (I've done similar things before). If you do that, be careful. Flaming goo isn't good to get on skin, and I can't imagine the fumes are good for you. :)

I've had the flaming goo thing happen before (specifically hot glue), and it left a nice long scar on my leg.

yes, but some plastics melt at a much higher temp. then hot glue, so if the plastic itself melts, watch out :-)

I took a class on injection molding, and when I had a jam in the machine, I tried to fix it. Bad decicions...

yes, this depends entirely on the type of plastic used, as when heat is applied some melts, some shrinks, some flames up, and etc. If you can find a solvent, like acetone (fingernail polish remover) that will soften it, that may be a safer solution (no pun intended) as you won't need to inflict a FLAME to it.

Good idea! To clarify, I mean to melt plastic to use kinda like hotglue, not actually to the headphones themselves.


9 years ago

Don't they have a lifetime warranty, I remember reading something like that when I got mine?