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Sky+ box USB connection. Answered

I've just noticed that our Sky+ box has a standard USB socket under a small flap at the front.

Does this mean that I can download programmes off the hard-drive onto other devices?

How would I do that?



Hee hee...you said "programmes".....

sorry for the hijack

Would those be the Ye Olde Programmes you can buy at the Stratford-on-Avon visitors center?

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The only thing you can use that port for is charging an mp3 player I'm afraid. Originally it was intended for use with an external hard drive or flash drive as you mentioned, so it was axed. For some reason, instead of getting rid of the USB port all together, they kept it and only wired up the +V and GND lines, so all it does is provide power.

Actually that depends, some newer boxes may have working ports, it seems like a gray area as to which ones work and which don't.

Ah, well, at least #1 son can charge his new Zen.

Just what I was thinking, and it saves him ~~knocking over my piles~~ disrupting my filing system to get at the PC USB connections.