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Skype live show. Answered

I have an idea for a live show on skype.  However I need to work out some details for it, such as when to host it. 

Everyone listening in can be in a conference call with me, and so forth.

My skype name is dj_jazzy_jeff1, but if you want to participate, you must tell me your skype name in the comments and be willing to contribute if I am to add you to the contacts list.


Here's a screenshot of what happened today.


Can I be in on the next one please? Oh, and Visper might turn up too. He still has his knex...

Ok. I did what you said, now what.

Get some other knexers on the site to do the same.

Can you help me spread the word? And many do you want me to tell?

Yes, I was doing that all along. And tell as many ppl as you can.

First show went great. Thanks for helping out guys! I'll post screenshots of the show convos later on.

I'd be willing, but it really depends on when you do the live show. skype name: tehlogicboy

Ugh that's one of things I need to work out because most people who would want to listen in are halfway across the world. I also need to see how well a large scale conference call would hold out. I need a way to record the audio that you guys say as well as what I say, since I might put some performances on YouTube.

I should get a new router today so I can start whenever I figure out how to record my screen and anything I or you guys say.

Skype name: Mattyperks

I'll add you when I get Internet working.

So what is the point of this exactly?

Figure that out yourself. I'm too lazy to explain as I'm posting this from a phone since the Internet at my house is down for the next 3 days.

Bash your head on a table a few times, that should fix it.