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Sleep problems Answered

Ok well I have a trerrible time getting to sleep at night. Last night I went to sleep at around 2 a.m. and had to wake up at 7 a.m. for school. I had a hard time getting through the day. Any suggestions for getting to sleep easier/quicker?


my sympathy's i have the same problem most nights but i am thinking of trying a polyphasic sleep pattern

No you don't sound like a spammer, you are a spammer! Take it somewhere else Squid Face!

While it is commercial, I think ComfyRest's comment is ok. It's relevant to the discussion, and the commercial nature was listed clearly.

It's your site Eric :-) but personally, I don't like the commercialisation (declared or not) of discussion forums. I am very sure that others agree with me, that It's cheap and tacky and detracts from the discussion. The last time I read the site rules, this was specifically not allowed. I understand your need to generate revenue by advertising, but I feel that allowing it in the forum discussions lowers the tone and really p*sses people off. Cheers, Pat. Pending

We have never specifically forbidden commercial messages in the forums. We have, however, removed forum topics and comments, some commercial, that didn't fit with the discussion, weren't relevant, or were out of place.

Again, I think ComfyRest's comment is relevant to the discussion, and it's clear that there is a personal commercial interest. Further, it's clear that Instructables isn't making any money from ComfyRest's comment, and I pledge to always have a disclosure when I talk about an advertiser who is has a commercial relationship with us, here for example.

We live in a commercial society, and to ban all mention of products or services would be silly, and I think, would detract from the forums even more than an occasional individual mentioning a product they sell.

It may be my interpretation of it (although, I have tried to read it otherwise), but this section of the TOS reads to me as specifically forbidding unsolicited and
unauthorised advertising and spam:

  • g. Upload, post or otherwise transmit any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," "pyramid schemes," or any other form of solicitation;

I would say that, whether it was relevant to the post or not, it was clearly unsolicited advertising - unless of course, he requested authorisation to advertise and you granted it. I feel sure that by the time you finish reading this you will also agree that it is spam.

I have to admit to feeling a bit let down by your response - I am not a stickler for rules (particularly, if they don't suit me;-) ) but your TOS clearly says one thing while you are saying another.

We live in a commercial society, and to ban all mention of products or services would be silly, and I think, would detract from the forums - I totally agree. However, there is a big difference between a disinterested party (e.g., a contributing instructables member) recommending or suggesting a product and a salesman with the sole aim of profiting by the sales of his product.

The problem I see with such posts is, that the posters only motivation is to promote their product, they have no investment in the instructables community or helping other members. They are only here to make money and are often less than honest. I would point out that the commercial poster offered no practical advice other than his product. If he really was an expert in sleep he could have given plenty. The actual advice he gave was a cut and paste job, check out : Bob Cuddy

I think I am pretty good at detecting when someone is being less than honest. Although I was suspicious of this post I don't like to accuse people of things without being sure, so I checked to see if he had made any other posts (he hasn't on this site). However, he has on hundreds of other forums. Try dropping this phrase into Google: "At the risk of sounding like a spammer" - I think you will be very suprised ;-)

I wouldn't have any problem with sponsor posts within the forums, but these hit and run parisitic posters add nothing to the discussion, they only annoy the genuine posters. They work, not by hanging around forums but by using search engines to find discussions they can inject their spam into. I would imagine that the poster uses combinations of phrases like this: "sleep problem", "problem sleeping" comment, forum, discussion etc. and then he posts his spam in all the forums he finds. His text, "At the risk of sounding like a spammer" is designed to make it sound like he is making a genuine reply, when all he is really doing is pasting a ready made response - Spam!.


Pat. Pending

However, he has on hundreds of other forums. Try dropping this phrase into Google: "At the risk of sounding like a spammer" - I think you will be very suprised ;-)

You're right, I was totally tricked. I was giving the benefit of the doubt, and hoping this would be a real person who wanted to contribute, but this is hit and run, and should not be in our forums. (I was actually hoping they might even tell us about designing the product, which would be a very interesting read.) Thanks for being so patient with me when I fail to do the obvious research.

My intention is not to spam. My intention is to help someone remedy their snoring. I did that. All of you are spending way too much time taking offense by me helping others. Can't very well explain the remedy without mentioning the product. Sleep well! Bob Cuddy aka ComfyRest

If so, you would present a method of creating / making said product...would you not?

I was giving the benefit of the doubt, and hoping this would be a real person who wanted to contribute, - That's because your a nice guy, and I'm just a suspicious old skeptic ;-)


Pat. Pending

He is selling ComfyRest pillows. And his name is comfyrest. Well, I guess as long as he doesn't go into things like, "Knex Guns", and advertise his pillows.

Sorry, I can't help you much. I have the same problem. Sometimes praying helps me sleep, but that won't help if you're an atheist or something.

I don't have this problem now....but at one time, anxiety kept me awake. Now, my wife is still freaked by how fast I go to sleep once my head hits the pillow :-)

I have elevated anxiety, so that is probably part of it.

I am still pretty "anxious" myself, but I am getting both physical and psychological treatment for it. In the past, when I had something to worry about, it would keep me up for days; so I really feel for you, and understand what you are going through.

I get the exact same thing, no matter how insignificant the problem, I worry needlessly for days on end about it, and not sleeping makes me feel worse.

Poor guys gotta learn to, umm, Take life by the recliner! If it's a little problem, think about it, in the grand scheme of things, how truly important that some organic speck submits an incy wincy piece of nothing to another organic speck? Doesn't add up does it? Think about it, entire galaxies are getting swallowed whole by black holes, methinks that may be a problem much more worthy to not sleep about...
So in short...

Good advice, but I've tried telling myself to "forget it" and that it doesn't matter, but it doesn't affect anything.

What is not understood by those that do not experience the chemical inbalance is that the mind CAN create it's own reality, and whatever one fears, becomes increasingly worse until it is "life threatening". There are methods that work, with practice, to circumvent having to play that particular "recording" we teach ourselves, and to not FEAR the fear. Anxiety has become a part of my life, but I don't FREAK OUT about it anymore (most of the time anyways :-) I have learned to accept the experience and go with it. Sometimes even examining it....looking for the trigger....thinking that this will not kill me, so how can I make it better. But then, I am talking about working with this condition for about 30-35 years too. The beginning is the hard part, and learning to recognize triggers. But you get the hang of it. To me, it was a challenge I could not resist (figure out how to use this, or be a afraid all my life)

Ah goodhart you always have something similar to say or know the feeling, the worst one was the first time I nearly got kicked out of school, parents already broken up but fighting over mortgage, damn females doing their part and non sleeping added up to songs going faster and faster, for three months i didn't hear the end of the song, not out of fear but similarly it felt like when you go down way to steep a hill on a bicycle and the brakes just never come, first you notice yourself speeding up, Then you notice how much you've sped up, you start to get uncomfortable with the shaking of the back wheel (equivocation for the slow loss of control) and then you grab the brakes, go ass over tin cup and wonder why you didn;t do that earlier on...

Wow, thanks. I'll make sure to take a look at those :-)

the second one is an actual site promoting the book I found most useful. It may not be as useful for others, or some may not wish to buy the book, and you may be able to find it cheaper elsewhere, if you want to get it.

Yay! Someone who understands. I don't think it keeps me up for days, just up really late for a couple of days, or is that what you meant?

When I would worry, I could worry until I collapsed (then, sure I would sleep a little), but it would also wake me. I remember many times jumping out of bed after 2-3 hours of sleep and screaming that I had forgotten to do something important at work, or whatever. It drove me nuts for about 2-3 years. And only once or twice did I ever ACTUALLY forget something....I just was overly anxious about not messing up.

I wake up at odd times when I worry, but I am not thinking I forgot something when I do. I usually just think about school, then I think of whether or not I forgot something.

For some reason that reminds me of how at camp I was sleepwalking.

I sleep walk. Or someone is trying to (Censored) with my head. I wake up and all my CD's are on the floor out of their cases.

Haha wow. I tried taking my camp counselor's clock and flashlight in my sleep.

Hmm, maybe deeeeeeeep down you want to be a thief?

LOL maybe. I think I wanted to go frog hunting.

Why do you need a clock and flashlight to go frog hunting? The flashlight I get, but a clock?

I have no idea. Maybe to know what time it is so that I know when to go back to the cabin?

The ticking of the clocks soothed the frogs to sleep making them easier to catch, right ? *shrug sounds good to me* LOL

Or you hated your counselor...... Maybe you needed the clock to hit the frog?

Really, something else I can relate to. But that was years ago, the last time I walked in my sleep. But I nearly took a short trip down our basement stairs a few times.

Ouch. I am afraid of sleepwalking, when I was younger, back when I lived in Omaha, Nebraska, my parents put a lock on the outside of my door, because at night I would wake up and go outside, during winter. Which is pretty bad.

Well, about 5 years ago, I worried about almost everything: I worried if I was working too hard, so I would take some time off and sit around the house worrying if I was ever going to work again.... *sigh* I have it 90% under control now (but now and then, even in here, you will see me get a little paranoid about whether I have hurt someone's feelings or not; its all part of the same syndrome).

I worry about a lot of stuff too =( it sucks, and most people don't worry about anything, so they don't understand. It seems to me, that more intelligent people tend to worry. I am riding a bike with my friends or something, and he sees a sewer pipe and says "Hey, let's go in there!", and I say something like "But isn't that dangerous? And illegal?" and then he says, "I don't care." So he and my other friend go in there, and a few minutes later, he is unconscious and being loaded into an ambulance because he hit his head on a nail sticking out of the sewer pipe. He was never very intelligent, I stayed outside because I worried and I am pretty intelligent. This is one of the times where worrying saved my skin, err... skull.

This is one of the times where worrying saved my skin, err... skull.

The skin on you skull, eh? Yeah, it is all the other times that get to me. I worry more about how others perceive me, and whether I am upsetting others or not. I have a tremendous fear of upsetting others. Like I said though, I have it pretty much under control, but I remember those days. They were not many years ago.

Again, exactly the same here. I worry about upsetting others to the point I don't really say much at all because it might be taken the wrong way by someone, and I never want to offend.

This causes anxiety and normally earns a person the title of "shy". Later in life I am deemed as socially awkward or, in my case, a bit of a social leper. :-)

Yeah, I see where you're coming from there. My Mum even said to me the other day, "You know, you make a really crap conversationalist", which caused an argument as to why. Whenever I do offend someone, I tend to apologize madly for days on end, until I am absolutely sure that the person doesn't mind any more. It's a pain for mobile phone bills.

Hmm, I hope you can get some help for it, because in my case, this apologizing eventually expanded into apologizing before anyone told me or showed me they were hurt/upset, and sometimes LONG apologies too. Then I end up actually irritating someone I hadn't in the first place (you've probably seem me do this in here). It is a bad habit to get into.

Yep, the exact same. I apologise to people to the extent that the only thing they are annoyed with me for is apoligising too much. I agree, it's a terrible habit to have.

I mostly worry about what others think about me. It is neat, really, to see how worries change over the years. When you are young, you worry about monsters in the dark, or burglars, now, things like school, work, and others' opinions are what worry me.

There are certain things that make it hard to sleep, like a messy room will make it harder to go to sleep (yes even if you're messy) and stress will definitely interrupt sleeping patterns along with depression, you can be depressed in a kind of physical way but both types tend to interrupt sleep patterns because you still have energy in your body but your head's tired, A good bit of excercise each day can really help sleep. I understand where you're coming from, I'm a complete insomniac... It drives me nuts having nothing to do at night, so apply for a job in a 24hr garage... Basically being well excercised, eating healthily (like having a heavy dinner too late on is bad for sleep due to the release of energy) and keeping your life under control should keep your sleep the way you want it. If your body clock is out of whack from exam cramming or whatever then sometime you need to do a complete all nighter to reset it, this involves being awake for the better part of 48hrs and you can't sleep until it's your normal time to. Or something like nytol or even a hot chocolate could help, just something to put you away for the night.


10 years ago

Masturbation or Sex sometimes helps....I'm serious. Or you can try not sleeping for a day and the next day you'll fall right to sleep.

Um I'm a tad young to be having sex.