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Slide projector video display Answered

Hi, first time posting, and I would like some basic advice on a problem i am encountering with a project.
I am attempting to convert an old slide projector (single slide variety) into a video projector. Light output will be fine once I get a higher wattage bulb, and temperature is not a real issue. The problem i have is that, i need a display (around 2x2 inch) and I am not sure where to get one that you could hook up to  an external input. I have, however, found a few old cell phone screens. Does anyone think that this would work, and if you know of any, could you please post some helpful web sites on how to wire these displays. Also, if you know of any ready-made displays that would be suitable to tear apart and use, that would be useful.
much appreciated, thanks.



7 years ago

Well, I'just have a thought. Why don´t you try to put the 2X2 image thru some binocular lens or some small telescope so it fill the space. I think it will work like the eye and by logic it will capture any bright image.
Give it some try. I hope it works.